Sunday, Sensuality and Dreams of Summer Haze.

Yesterday was a big day for progress, progression and all things of the moving forward kind!


Finally finished packaging design and practical construction,there is certainly something satisfying about starting from scratch with absolutely everything and making a finished product that you are satisfied with!

Plans, Inquiries, Presentation and preparation of physically manifesting the product in a manner that fits in and supports the Ethos we stand by, and by this I mean that over the next few weeks we should be attending a few market events and independent craft shows!

Keep your eyes out in the London Area


The vision is coming alive one piece at a time, with recycled paper and organic matter, we continue to build our vision of the future!

We now have three SOLID scents for the 100% Organic Soy and Beeswax candles and they are as follows :

Orange Blossom – Unwind in a subtle orange mist and be overcome with the relaxing and mellow scent.

Key Lime Pie – Sweet and tempting, be uplifted and revitalized with the zing of lime touched with a hint of vanilla. It just works!

Lavender Beaches – Lavender, Sleep and sweet dreams, This is your pillar, your shoulder when you have none, Your small piece of peace.

These are priced at the lovely hand crafted mark of £3.00

and can be purchased over at our BigCartel Store here

More about the Atmo-spheres coming soon!

Thank you for tuning in!


Check out our products over at KitchEthos BigCartel Store

We are able to ship to the US at a cost!

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